What Not to Feed Your Dog this Thanksgiving: Tips from a Veterinarian in LA


The holiday season is all about sharing your love with those who are most important to you. At Thanksgiving, this often means enjoying a festive meal together. And in many homes, no holiday dining room is complete without at least one pet. When mealtime rolls around, it can be hard to say no to their pleading eyes, but doing so could help you avoid a visit from a veterinarian in LA. Many of the foods that cover tables across the nation on Thanksgiving Day are, unfortunately, not safe for dogs. Keep reading to discover a few things you should avoid feeding your canine companion this holiday season. 



If you make your sweet potatoes with raisins, think twice before sharing a bite with your dog. Raisins (and grapes) are toxic to your canine companion and can cause sudden kidney failure. Even a single raisin or grape can cause serious damage, so this is one fruit you definitely shouldn’t share. 

Onions and Garlic

Onions and garlic (along with leeks, shallots, and other members of the onion family) can be found in several Thanksgiving favorites. Whether it’s French-fried onions on top of your green bean casserole, finely chopped onions in your stuffing, or even a bit of garlic powder in your mashed potatoes, these ingredients can cause anemia in dogs. 


No matter how much it disappoints your dog, you should always throw bones in the trash rather than offering them up as a treat. Bones are hard enough to break your dog’s teeth. They can also splinter and cause serious injuries or become lodged in the throat or digestive tract. No matter how much your four-legged best friend enjoys gnawing on a tasty bone, it just isn’t worth the risk. 

When to Call a Veterinarian in LA

Contact a vet right away if your dog ingests any of the things listed above. Even if they aren’t showing any worrisome symptoms, prompt treatment is required to mitigate the damage. You should also contact a vet if your pet gets sick or doesn’t seem quite like themselves after eating anything other than their usual food. 

If you are searching for a veterinarian in LA, let Family Veterinary Inc. be of assistance. We offer mobile vet services in Los Angeles, and when you choose us, we will treat your furry friend like a member of our own family. If we are unable to provide the care your companion needs in an emergency, we can help with transporting them to another facility. Call now to learn more or to schedule an appointment.




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